Connect with outgoing tenants instead of brokers.

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I like this, I hate brokers fees with a passion. I spent some time last year thinking about a very similar product. One of the great things that can be done with this at scale is future availability. Most outgoing tenants know they'll move months in advance but that availability won't hit the market until ~30 days before next move in. If you can get units listed well ahead of time and reduce fees by 85%+ that is easily a 10x improvement in securing an apartment.
@brentmulligan Exactly my thoughts!! :) Great minds...
Love this already and will definitely be using it next time I move.
Logo looks oddly similar to Neigbourly ( Cool concept though!
@ryanheybourn if something on any site doesn't look "oddly similar" to anything within the similar realm on the web--then we have a miraculous situation. shouldn't surprise anyone.
@ryanheybourn Interesting! I will check them out.
Interesting concept! How are you guys planing on getting enough listings to make it interesting?
@karim_t Great question! One significant source of growth, I think, will be partnerships with buildings and landlords. Landlords could garner more attention for their buildings without an onerous broker's fee attached, so we think there's a decent incentive for them as well.
Any idea of doing this in Seattle or SF ? I am from india and we have brokers who charge a month's rent but they do all the legwork and find a place that the tenant would like. I haven't seen a service yet in Seattle. Zillow, Craiglist etc are there but not everything is listed there. I wish there was a team who knew all buildings and what apartments are available.
@itsshashank Those markets could definitely be interesting as well! Ideally, brokers do all the legwork and find a place that the tenant likes; unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often, tenants are merely paying brokers for access to a building after having already found the unit they want to see on SE, Zillow, etc. If you had data covering all buildings with availabilities you'd make a lot of money :)