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Listen to music live together with your friends in Spotify.

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Since died, I'll try every new live listening music app. Parallel is my favorite so far, although it's missing any social interactions.
@rrhoover I wish I could find something like this or Parallel for Google Play Music. Know of anything?
@rrhoover Thanks :) Hope you will like it. We are maybe also going do something on the desktop/web. Live Artist Events is where our focus is right now :)
Congrats on the launch @ingesandvik! The experience felt super similar to Soundrop, and that's when I realised you're the ex-CEO and cofounder ;) Glad to see a Soundrop 2.0 for mobile! Spent hours in the dubstep chat-room back in college, brings back memories.
@abnux Thanks :) Happy to see a former Soundrop fan again :) Hope you will like what we have done with JoinMyPlaylist. Dont hesitate to contact me if you have feedback or ideas.
Exited to be on Product Hunt and get your feedback guys. We were actually planning a bit more quiet launch of it! :) We have some great new updates lined up and are iterating fairly quickly here now. New updates soon, so please do not hesitate to share feedback and ideas. As some of you have realised is JoinMyPlaylist surprisingly alike Soundrop. Well, thats why I was the CEO and co-Founder of Soundrop. My co-founder in the band is Anders Oredsson was also part of the Soundrop team. He has done an awesome work to bring it all back to life and we are exited to do our best to take this to a new level. We felt that there was still some work undone in this space and wanted to give it another try to bring the initial vision of Soundrop to a better mobile experience. I am planning to publish an article on Medium on why we are launching JoinMyPlaylist. We think there is a untapped potential for artists to connect better with fans. We also think there is a potential to create a new social music experience that empower music fans to curate music in a more fun and engaging way. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ideas or want to help us fulfil this vision :)