John's Background Switcher

Switch backgrounds to trending imgur, reddit, tumblr threads

John’s Background Switcher puts beautiful full-screen photos and stunning montages on your desktop from places like your computer, Flickr, Unsplash, 500px, Facebook, Instagram and plenty more places.

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John Conners
Software Developer
So I've been working on JBS for well over a decade as a bit of a personal side project and nearly 2 years ago built a Mac version that I've been steadily improving with each version. In essence it periodically changes your desktop to photos or montages of photos from a whole host of sources (including your Mac). As a full time Mac user I put most of my free time into the Mac version adding new features as requested by people using it. So while the Windows version is free I've only really been fixing bugs in for the past few years and put the work into the Mac version (since my time is limited). Anyway, you can buy it from the Mac App Store but I sell it cheaper directly from my website, but if you want to try it and aren't sure it's your thing then best bet is to buy from my site as I can give a refund with the click of a mouse - no worries. For 25% off use the PRODUCTHUNT25 coupon code. Whether you like JBS or not I'm always keen to hear suggestions on how to make it better so do let me know either here or by contacting me directly.