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Pooja Kumar
CEO and Founder of JoGoApp
Hi Folks, We are super excited to bring to you JoGoApp, a gamified one-stop health, fitness app to get fit, the fun way! Get Motivated to Move - Be active. Burn calories. Earn SweetSweats (Rewards). Redeem SweetSweats against whatever you want - health, fitness goods, accessories, fashion & more. Join Challenges or create one & watch your groups' leaderboard live. Share Fitfies. Junk Excuses. Get Access. Buy, share and recommend health, fitness, wellness goods & services right here. Here's all the cool stuff: 1. Seamlessly Activity Tracking: Via our in-app JoGo Tracker or Google Fit & Apple Health Connect. Auto track your steps, walk, jog, run, cycle, climb. You can also connect a preferred tracking app/wearable like Endomondo, Runkeeper, Runstastic, Strava, Nike+, MyFitnessPal, Jawbone, Garmin, Mi band, MapMyRun/Walk/Fitness/Ride & more to JoGoApp via Google Fit/Apple Health. 2. Rewards (SweetSweats): Be Active. Burn Calories. Earn SweetSweats. Redeem SweetSweats against Cashbacks on a 100K+ health, fitness, wellness products & more. 3. Share. Inspire. Invite: Create Fitfies (your fitness selfies) with your fitness stories & activity metrics to share & inspire. Invite friends to join in. Earn bonus SweetSweats! 4. Get customized diet and fitness plans basis your goal, body type & preference. Know your Body Mass Index & Ideal Weight. Get expert advice to achieve your goals fast. 5. Buy, access and share 100,000 health, fitness, wellness goods (Fitness Apparel, Gear & Accessories, Organic & Super Foods, Equipment, Supplements, Wearables). 6. Connect with 1000+ health, fitness, wellness experts/services (Trainers, Nutritionists, Therapists, Gyms, Spas, Events, Treks, Dance Studios, Fitness Centres, Healthy Eateries). 7. Add/Recommend health, fitness products, services, content to the platform, make your opinion count & earn SweetSweats for that too! 8. Challenge yourself. Join Challenges or Create Your Own. Invite your friends, family, colleagues, peer groups to it & see your group's leader-board live! 9. Content. Health, fitness, wellness content, curated & updated multiple times a day for easy access to topical & critical information covering nutrition, exercise, wellness, common/chronic illnesses & prevention/early detection of those. 10. Health Risk Assessment. Takes 5mts. Can be self-administered, anytime, anywhere. Gives a Health Risk Score & Actionable Report. 11. SweetSweat Contests. To motivate you to be active, share, inspire & add recommendations to the platform. WIN extra Rewards with these. 12. 1000 SweetSweat Bonus Points at Signup. Special time-bound offer. Invite friends to download JoGoApp & avail the same too. JoGoApp is inspired by the founding team's personal struggle with fitness, check the story out: Our personal journey & insights have largely shaped JoGoApp so far, however we are relying on you to take us forward from here, so do check out JoGoApp ( & share your feedback at or call +91-9811318949. Regards, Pooja Kumar Founder & CEO +91-9811318949
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