JOGABO 2 - "Federale 102"

"Strava meets Foursquare" for soccer players

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We're thrilled to announce JOGABO 2, code named "Federale 102" after the 1934 World Cup ball. In the past months we’ve completely rethought the app from the ground up focusing on iOS only. Jogabo is now a social app for soccer players. We see it as a “Strava meets Foursquare” for the beautiful game. JOGABO 2 will now let you enjoy the app for every game you play, whether your friends are on it or not. Check in, track your stats and share your activity with the world to discover a whole new side of your game. Share your future plans to let your followers know you are playing and if you need some extra player, simply open up a few spots and the app will do the rest. But don’t worry, you can still organize your games, even if your friends don’t have an iPhone. We’ve actually made this even better with a smart "slack-like" chat and simple invitations via a unique link. We kept it simple for now but we have plenty planned here as well… really exciting stuff! Finally, we have completely rethought the way you find games. Instead of only finding open games from a few motivated community members organizing, you can now discover playing opportunities based on individual players’ activities, through the people you follow or the ones you’ve played with in the past. Start tracking your games and help us map the world’s soccer one game at a time... Welcome to social soccer. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Never stop playing, Jeremy, PG, Mehdi, Peter, Alex
@louisondumont thanks for the kind words of support Louison. The whole team (still just 5 of us, 4 not so long ago) has worked very hard and we are really proud of the new release. But this is only just the beginning. We now have the platform to build on. So what's next for us? Soonish: * Improving the Discover feature which only a bunch of active people have unlocked so far * Integrations with wearables (which has already started) * Pimping out the tracking and feed with aggregated stats, trends, adding pictures to activities Further down the line: * Bot in game chat to help organizers (think auto reminders, asking people to respond, launching MOTM votes...) * Advanced game rosters and guest lists * Virtual groups * And so much more With all the feedback we get from users, there are always new opportunities or things get to shift around quite a bit as you know ;)
Disclosure: I am bias, I was intern @ Jogabo in Portugal. I've been following their progress for the last 12 months, they have a very talented team and a beautiful vision for the game. The release of this new version is a great news for thousands (and soon millions) of fans around the world. So, what's next for you guys? #NeverStopPlaying