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Jogabo started out as an product that helps people find other soccer players and pick up games. Over time it's become much more of a social product. Looking forward to playing more. http://bit.ly/1zCTwfv?cc=a7ae6f5...
@anamitra indeed. We are now focusing on building a social app for soccer players. It's a lot less about the organizer. The Strava meets Foursquare description is really what the app will be about in the coming months. We just wrote about why we are not a pickup soccer app actually (you probably saw it already). We're introducing people to the concept of Social Soccer https://medium.com/the-jogabo-bl...
Just downloaded, and already found a game in my neighborhood for the weekend! Nice!
@thathoo that's what we love to see. We know it doesn't happen all the time and that is what we are fixing in V2. But when we here the stories of people discovering new playing opportunities in their own backyard or when they travel to new places, it makes us smile and keeps us going.
The strength of this product is in its community. The few games I have been to, I was impressed by the quality and friendliness of the people. I just wish there were more games near, so I hope you succeed!
@rahulcap that is true. The community is what it's all about. But with V2, it won't be limited to the people you play with physically but will also include your friends from around the world and all the players you have ever played with. I know a lot of people are looking for games but we have to kickstart it with the people who are already playing and might be missing a few extra players. With the upcoming version, you will discover games through the people you follow and have played with because they are playing and not only because someone is organizing a public game. #GameChanger
Big fan of the Jogabo team and app! Highly recommend downloading.