Perfect memory for phone calls is an automated transcription tool for direct calls and conference calls

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8 Reviews5.0/5

I use this for most of my calls and share the calls with my team. Makes life so much easier than trying to relay a message from a phone call. The team can just hear the conversation and get the context they need.


Easy setup. Having voice transcript is amazing and it just works if you use the dial in all the time.


Not too many. Transcripts are not always 100% but I don't need them to be.

Literally took me 3 clicks to sign up. Setup was a breeze. And learning the software was painless and fast.

It has improved my sales calls, both the experience and the efficiency. Since I no longer have to take notes on the calls, can quickly flag important parts.. I can now spend my time more actively listening to the prospect. Add to that that I can review my call, I am constantly improving my close rate.

Additionally, with it being AI powered, it will automatically flag important parts of my calls with the flags I set up, listening for keywords. Brilliant.

Granted, I‘d love to see some improvementa for teams, and other minor things... but the team at Jog appears to be very intent on listening to its user base, and very quick to respond to feedback.


Easy call recording, no longer have to take notes on calls, allows for quick call review, can flag/label important parts of calls


Not set up for teams

Hey PH, Sam from here. Jog lets you do direct calls and conference calls without worrying about taking detailed notes – because every word is recorded and transcribed for your review later. This means you can be more engaged and less distracted in calls. Some things you should know: - text and audio are synced, so you can click any word to start playback - if you drop flags in real-time during calls it's super easy to find important moments later - you can set "smart flags" to automatically drop when a particular phrase is spoken - transcription is automated so don't expect 100% accuracy - the audio is your 100% record, while the text is for skimming and search Here's a sample conversation so you can see how it works: 🙏 We'd love to hear your feedback and happy to answer any questions.
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting a lot. But I was BLOWN AWAY by this. The direct syncing, the flags (and auto-flags), the quality of the transcription — everything is rock solid. I did two calls with this and have already switched our company's conference number over to Jog. Outstanding product.
@todmaffin wow, thanks Tod! This is great to hear
@samgaddis & @edireson cool product ☎︎ How does it differ from other similar products out there?
@edireson @jacqvon mainly that speaker splitting is 100% accurate which enables unique analysis and generally makes the transcript much more usable. Additionally we’ve worked really hard on delivering accuracy that allows us to show the full transcript. Many products in this area discourage users from viewing the raw transcript (we think) because their transcription is so rough.
@edireson @jacqvon I would add to this – our focus in on utility to the host of the call, and NOT that person's manager as is often the case with other products. So our goal is to give callers perfect memory and help them be less distracted by taking notes, whereas other products tend to be oriented toward managing, monitoring, and coaching of sales and call center reps. Our users tend to be people in creative agencies, VCs, etc.