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So it has a pocket for my rocket?
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@stevenjmesser yup - it's out of this world
Hi guys, been really blown away by the response from Product Hunters! We've just put live an offer just for you (well anyone can get it, but you're the reason we're doing it!). Check it out the 'JoeyWears x 5 [LIMITED OFFER]' where you can save around 40% of RRP - we've just put 10 more available! p.s. tried to change the name to something just for product hunters but it wouldn't let me - sorry!
@stevenjmesser there are many rockets on the market
Hi Product Hunt! Great to be here! Cotton is the second thirsty thing in the world. It consumes 70% water resources, the amount of water needed to produce one kilogram of cotton; equivalent to a single T-shirt and pair of jeans. Besides, the cotton cultivation severely degrades soil quality, the conventional production practices for cotton involve the application of substantial fertilizers and pesticides.We want to change it! We are using sustainable wood fibres to replace the traditional cotton. Your boys deserve the best. But traditional brands spend more time and money on models and resellers than they do for your comfort. We're here to change that with JoeyWears. Our mandate has been to offer superior quality fabrics, the perfect fit and innovative designs to make underwear the most comfortable thing in your wardrobe. We’ve spent 9 months, proving the perfect home for your package - more space and comfort, no more adjusting and most importantly, the end of sweaty balls as you know it.
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Exciting! I'm going balls deep on this one.
@estockmarr dang, i was so going to make that joke as well..
Oooh. I've just pledged :D Looks awesome!
@essasaulat Thank you so much!
Finally someone has stepped up to solve sweaty balls! Thank you and congrats to the team. Pledged and can't wait to try them out
@npearsonwright thank you! we're very honoured to take on this burden 👌