Don't leave job applicants in the dark.

Jobula is a web-based software app that enables HR pros & recruiters to provide transparency during the hiring process. Generate tracking links you can include in job postings, so applicants can self-serve updates about where you are in the hiring process.

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Awesome! One of the main complaints I read all the time in LinkedIn is the lack of feedback in hiring processes. This solves the problem once and for all. Good one!
@jorge_dieguez Thanks Jorge! We think a little transparency will keep everyone's spirits up.
Like the Dominoes Pizza tracker for jobs. Love it.
@maxwelljoles I think you just wrote our new elevator pitch.
A simple and useful tool. It doesn’t always have to be complicated to solve a problem!
@qwoods13 Agreed! We tried to imagine the smallest thing that could cause the biggest mood shift for the most people.