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Everyone I know has done this in a spreadsheet or Trello board for forever; this seems like a nice direction to be heading. I wonder what the business model is; I didn't see any terms of service, so I wonder how the data is being used.
@bethcodes Business model. Great question. Two reasons why this is difficult: 1) It's a temporary problem that people have. Once they find a job they don't need this anymore (although an export of the data would be nice). and, 2) You're targeting people without jobs and income (although, to be fair, some people have jobs and are looking for different jobs).
@bethcodes Hi Beth, Thanks for checking out JobTrack! We'll always offer a free plan with core functionality, but the goal is to offer premium features that job seekers find valuable enough to pay a monthly fee. We'll be rolling this out in the very near future with a pricing model tailored to short-term users (e.g. month-to-month or buckets of 3 months).
@joshuapinter @bethcodes : It really could be positioned with more functionality to keep you using it for long term career development. Always be networking! The jibber jobber site tries to enter this space and has some decent features that would be lovely in the paid version. It would be waaaaaayyy less stressful for folks to job search if they are tracking target companies! Lots of potential here for awesome!
@nwhrgal Hi Brooke, Thanks for your comment and for checking out JobTrack! I'd love to hear more about your experience with JibberJobber - What features do you find particularly valuable?
@nwhrgal @bethcodes I completely agree, Brooke! Lots of great value here and just trying to figure out how it can be used longer term. ABN - Always Be Networking! I love that. :) That's one of the main reasons I built ntwrk (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), so people can continue building their relationships all the time. :)
Stop using a spreadsheet to track job applications or new job interests! I’ve been using JobTrack and it’s a great way to keep organized.
Awesome tool! A really great idea as well
Think the approach of focusing on the applicant's actual job to be done is a smart take on the space. most of the job search giants are geared towards job posters and tools for them, so this feels like it could be a useful way to flip the script. Good luck!
Interesting idea and great application