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Thank you Roger for featuring us! One of the creators here. We're building a completely candidate-first solution to job placement, even going so far as to dip into career guidance and sacrifice revenue for authenticity. It sucks that candidates rarely get useful feedback. This expert network empowers candidates with unbiased perspectives they need to hear. We believe that for every person out there, there are other people who are willing to help them out. :) Would love all of your thoughts. Also, check us out on AngelList! -Zach
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@zachtratar Oh -- also, if you're hiring sign up your company at
I've seen Zach work countless hours on Jobstart and feel inspired every time I see a connection made - he's been at this for a long, long time now and the result is a beautiful product and fantastic user experience. My friends at various universities have visited the site organically and consistently say great things. Keep on hustling man, and congrats!
I got to test Jobstart earlier this year when it launched at my university (U Illinois). Back then it was a bit difficult to find good mentors but it seems like that's been improved greatly. It's a great concept that's really beneficial to college students (like me) who're trying to figure out what to do after graduation.
Such a clean product that is truly beneficial to the end-user. Great work @zachtratar and team!