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I was browsing through some of the really useful job boards (Designer News, Unicorn Hunt, dribbble, etc.) and thought it'd be nice to have a way of browsing/searching through them all without having to visit every site (and many don't even have a search function), so I made it! There are currently around 600-1,000 new jobs being added every day. If the search isn't returning results that are specific enough for you, click on "Switch to advanced search…" and you can get more control over the results. Thanks to @danlev for posting! If anyone has any other job boards that specialise in tech or design jobs, please let me know as I'd love to add them to the collection.
@dvyio so, I have to ask... why another job board? There are so many in the tech space atm, why another one? (I asked the same to Panda Job Board today) Essentially yours should eliminate the need for any other job board right ;)
This is absolutely brilliant. SharedBerkeley and IIT Jobs page 😄
@purisid Thank you so much, Sid! I'm going to check those out.
@dvyio yeah it's called the Berkeley CS Referral Network in case you were trying to find it
This is very similar to, looks like you have some design jobs in there as well.
Love it! Just passed it on to my own kid (who is bi-lingual English / Japanese) just graduated and looking for work in marketing / biz dev.