Jobs Done!

A ritual app for ending the work day inspired by Deep Work

You gave it your best. Time to call it a day.

Follow a set of steps to relieve your mind from work-related thoughts. Formalize thoughts into tasks and create a plan for tomorrow.

Then say your set phrase, which cues your mind that it's safe to release work thoughts for the rest of the day.

Finally, choose a pastime activity to disconnect.

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Hey, Ovidiu the maker here. Here's some extra info aside from what you can find on GitHub. # The app I read a book called Deep Work to improve the quality of my work and found the "shutdown ritual" idea powerful. At first I made a dead simple list that I went through every evening to clear my mind and disconnect from work. Then I decided to build a simple app and keep iterating in small increments every evening I also used the app. After about 2mo I use it daily and it looks good enough to draw a line and make it pubic for anyone else to use. What do you think? # The codebase Meanwhile, I wanted to learn React Native and try react-native-web. I also wanted to see how well styled-components works with RN and how to do server-side-rendering. It worked pretty well and I learned a lot. If you're interested in the tech stack I encourage you to dig through the codebase and maybe run it locally to get a feel of how it works. If you have any questions related to the app or the codebase, fire away. I'll answer gladly!
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While Cal Newort's Deep Work is widely regarded as an excellent framework for focused productivity, I've found that many readers, myself included, face a challenge implementing some of the behavioral strategies. Newport leaves the technical "how" of some details pretty open-ended. On one hand this is helpful- it's easy to integrate certain tactics into your existing workflow, whether that be a spreadsheet, GTD app, or pen + paper. On the other hand, it's a serious barrier to entry for other techniques. "Jobs Done" takes one of the trickiest elements of Deep Work and separates it from the rest of your routines. The shutdown routine is an ideal candidate for a silo'd app- it's a ritual at a mental threshold. Very cool work @skidding! I look forward to using jobs done, rather than a recurring list in my task manager, which is sadly riddled with distractions.
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@adam_simon Thanks! You're right about Newport's ideas. They're easy to grasp but require plenty of willpower to implement. Like you say, Jobs Done tries to make it easier to adopt a specific tactic for sustaining Deep Work. Hopefully this post gets more upvotes so more people find it! 🙏
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