Tinder for job hunting

#3 Product of the WeekMay 05, 2014
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Blonk is another "Tinder for Jobs" product posted a few months ago (cc'ing co-founder, @ThomasPage). Related but different is @hsukenooi's CoffeeMe ("Tinder for professional networking"). I think I need to do a "Tinder for X" product rundown :)
@Anderson760 I appreciate the kind words, what's Chisel?
Is there anything like this that caters toward Hong Kong and Singapore? Jobr was recommended to me, but it needs time before hitting a wider audience. I am interested in knowing all the employment related products.
@nzieber what we're working on ;-)
@rrhoover I would be interested to read that rundown. It comes up from time to time here.
Thomas used to be a pretty good poker player, he posted a cool story about his journey to tech here. Been following him since his first startup