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Hi Friends, 10 months ago we launched Jobr trying to rethink the job search process for mobile. Since then, we've learned a lot about the industry and what our users want. While we have had to make some tweaks to our model, generally our thesis still holds true which is the job search needs to be rethought for mobile - and simply adapting desktop products to mobile will not be sustainable. We still have a long way to go, but believe Jobr is the best way to discover and connect with jobs on a mobile device. You can spend 10 minutes on Jobr and get 3 interviews and hopefully an offer or two. And with that, we are proud to announce our expansion to Android and a new iOS app!
@tjnahigian Hi TJ, really happy to see the Android version. One question though, how do you think you stand out from competitors like Ahead, Emjoyment or Kudoz ? Is there any unique feature that would make your app the right choice ?
@marwannas We started out with a similar model to several others in the space including a few you mentioned. We realized that in order to make the best recommendations for our users, we needed to grow our job base. Today we have over 1M jobs that are native and 1 click applyable to recommend to our users. This is the largest difference between us and any competitor, but there are many others as well.
@tjnahigian Thanks for your answer. Do you have any interesting figures to share with us ? Such as average number of applications for 1 job, number of jobs founds through Jobr, etc. ? I am curious to see if the model is really efficient for both job seekers and recruiters.
heads up, there is not iOS link to the product
The UI is slick! I like the app overall! But i have a question : since there is no entry level barrier, a lot of apps came up in this style(even we are contemplating to use swipe based UI) and the ATS or employers love getting more applications, so they might give API to more than one app. In this case, How do you think "Jobr" differentiate from others and grow? PS : I run a job aggregator(Jobsplane) in India and USA!