Finally, an affordable careers page

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We built Jobly after we were unable to find a cheap way to put a careers page on our website. Jobly lets you setup a careers page, add/edit job listings, and view applicants without any code. We also believe it’s currently the most affordable option on the market. Would love to hear your feedback!
Great idea - seems obvious! Good luck!
@graehamf Thanks Graeham!
Sounds like a good idea! Wordpress Weebly Squarespace are too complicated :/
@jiyoungpark922 Thanks Ji Young - we agree! :)
Oh, I know this problem :) Seems a bit too pricey since it is not possible to customize the page in a more advanced way. Good luck!
@vandanic Thanks for the feedback! What type of customization are you looking for?
Great stuff! Do you have an example of a company that is using it already? Would love to see how it actually looks :)
@shivkanthb Thanks Shiv! Here's an example that you can check out: