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@kristapsritms Very well designed, could you share with us what's your technology stack, what challenges did you face and how are you different from other job boards?
@parasharanmol @kristapsritmus Hi! Tech stack is react + redux in frontend and python (django) in backend. I think the biggest challenge is coming now - market this site in very crowded niche. I think what separates us from other sites is designers and studio lists / maps. We will launch community blog with interviews with various designers too. So stay tuned. :)
@kristapsritms Well, best of luck with this. One suggestion though: Many designers (like I) like to filter jobs on the basis of experience level required, and whether they're okay with remote employees or not etc. It'd be great if you can make that happen!
@parasharanmol Thanks will consider it. :)
@parasharanmol @kristapsritms This. This is the thing that would prevent me from really using this.