Hiring? Track, rate, comment applicants for free.

Jobkitten is a free applicant tracking system. Post your jobs on the site and collect applicant info in one place and review with colleagues - it's dead simple.

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Jobkitten lets you post jobs, process applications and that's all it does - that is why it's FREE. Howdy, hunters! So here's the story of Jobkitten: Like many business tools, Jobkitten started purring out of personal necessity - we got sick of bouncing resumes and comments around chat and e-mail. Here's what we have had throughout our professional careers: – Small businesses to run – Occasional sudden needs to hire someone yesterday – Several colleagues to review applicants with – Lots of applicants e-mailing at random times to our inboxes And here's what we have never had: – A desire to buy a $199/month solution, of which we need 2%, because we don't hire people every day – Any time whatsoever to handle all of this administrative shizzle – Professional recruiters and HR people to manage it all for us All of the above lead to us literally printing out 200 resumes and writing comments with Magic Markers, like it's freakin' 1998. I don't even... That's exactly the situation that Jobkitten aims to solve - give you back the time that you used spend manually separting the resumes of professional horsewhisperers applying for the job of SEO specialist, without buying an expensive all-singing, all-dancing solution. Here's our short intro video: Give Jobkitten a try right meow! It's free. Kair, Martin & Priit makers of Jobkitten
Seems awesome, good luck Martin!
Simple powerful idea! Hope to find some good talents there soon :)
Seems interesting, nice beginning... but the website should have more in the way of convincing elements that you are going to stick around: There is no contact page, no live chat/customer service portal, no page on the Team/Founders, no changelog/features page, no Status Page for SaaS to know reliability, no mention of security technologies used to protect applicant data etc... [feedback tab isn't the same thing as live chat/customer service portal - think Drift, Intercom etc] Seems simple but maybe so simple it may scare people away with lack of capabilities, what are features you are thinking of adding soon-ish?
@exlemor Thanks for the feedback, Emmanuel. Valid points you bring out and we'll see what we can do about them. We've been putting most of the effort into building and improving the product so the website hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.