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Hey everyone -- co-founder of JobHero here, along with @jetfault and @smancevski. We're excited to be building a product aimed entirely at job seekers, providing a wide demographic with a new interface to what is becoming a very messy "employment web." There are now countless niche job boards, matching sites, networks, and your own networking to keep track of when looking to upgrade your career, so stay on top of the game with JobHero! Happy to answer any questions.
@sherveen great app idea. Defiantly agree with the need for it. The proliferation of niche sites is truly astounding. Love the bookmarklet feels essential to strong user adoption. Please share how you plan to get job seekers? Feels like the value prop is clear for the 'active' job seeker, but awareness and timing will be a challenge. Are there ways to allow passive candidates to pay attention? Etc...
@lekanb Thanks, Lekan! We have a few plans for user acquisition: 1. We've started conversations with university & college career centers and student-run campus organizations to see how we can best align to onboard upcoming grads. 2. We have big plans around content marketing. There are only a few others (like @kmin and @acav) taking new career and job search advice seriously. There is a lot of opportunity to re-engage old topics for this era of work and to do so cross-channel. 3. Our next big focus is building the best native mobile apps for a serious career search. Folks have been begging for this and all they've gotten are a few Tinder-for-jobs apps that lack depth. 4. For passive candidates, it'll be about showing them that a passive search using JobHero is a low-commitment, high-value proposition. Save jobs over time and have them ready to apply to when you are. Have long-term conversations with recruiters to keep opportunities alive. Perhaps get monthly intelligence on your industry or role to fuel your negotiation power. We think everyone should log into JobHero a few times a month to remind them of opportunities that cross their desk, check up on the jobs they've saved while on-the-go, and, as we build out a more serious people-management feature, keep professional conversations alive (importantly, in the context of career choices, and not blind networking or professional expertise).
Job seekers can organize and optimize their search with job & application tracking, document upload & tagging, multiple job board search, and a bookmarklet to save jobs from across the web.
I worked for an HR company that built the other side - Applicant Tracking System (ATS). They had many tools to help employers track job seekers. I always wished that something similar was available for me to use to track my job applications. I used a combination of excel sheet and google doc to solve this problem. For my last 2 job hunts, I applied to more than 100+ jobs each time. This would have been a lifesaver back then. I think JobHero is a great example of @cdixon "Come for the tool, stay for the network" strategy: Hopefully I won't need to use JobHero :)
@cdixon @dhawalhshah Thanks, Dhawal! Two things you've pointed out are key: Today, so much time is being poured into HR tech and candidates are missing out. And there is indeed a 'tool into network' play we'll be making in the near future.
When I was unemployed a few years back, I was looking for a service like this. I thought, "Why isn't there a Pinterest but for jobs?" Great product.
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