Brain games for job seekers

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Thanks so much @_jacksmith for hunting us! We’re excited to be launching JobFlare this week! JobFlare is a free iPhone app that helps job seekers get discovered based on their abilities rather than their resume, through a set of six, 90-second scientifically designed brain games. We built JobFlare because of a couple of problems that we saw in the hiring process: 1) Job seekers can easily get overlooked by potential employers because they don’t have the right background or experience 2) Employers are often inundated with resumes but don’t have a way of seeing which candidates have the right cognitive abilities for the opening We hope that JobFlare can provide a way for job seekers with strong cognitive abilities to demonstrate their potential to employers and enable employers to find candidates who might not traditionally be on their recruitment radar. Here’s the link to JobFlare in the App Store: We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions!
Wow. That's a great idea. I will be checking this out soon. My product Twittume is launching Thursday and is trying to solve same problem but in a different way. Check it out.
@sridhar_kondoji thanks! We will definitely check out Twittume - best of luck and thanks for the comment!
really awesome app - keep it up :)
@elamazurkiewicz thanks for the comment! Glad you like the app!