Jobs for people with disabilities

JobEnabler.ORG is a platform to find and list jobs for people with disabilities. Its our Startup Weekend idea for a social change. The site is still under development, but I would love if you can share it within your circles.

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Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
Hi @zaheerbaloch cool idea! Where are you currently sourcing the jobs from? Are all the jobs going to be related to the tech industry or do you plan to extend to any/all industries?
Zaheer Baloch
Principal Developer at AMEX Middle East
@ems_hodge Hi Emily! Currently I am sourcing the jobs from remoteok and wewoekremtely. They are heavily tech based remote work. But i am working towards including other jobs which are not remote.

Focus on strengths not on weakness(the disability/the fact the person is disabled)


I like the idea of something for everyone its


It should say specific abilities because while lacking in one area most are very strong in others. ot obsessing on the disabled person. I