Find jobs that match your open-source contributions 👩‍💻

Jobder will recommend companies for you depend on your stack and open source contributions.

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Thanks for sharing, @windsonyang1! Where do you aggregate all the jobs from?
@amrith Hi, :D most of them from hackernews.
Why do you need to login if you're looking at open-source contributions? Can't you just get that from someone's public profile, e.g.
@joshuapinter Hello, because GitHub api has rate limit. We can't keep request the api to get data. We answered at
@windsonyang1 Ha. That question was almost verbatim the same. Thanks for answering. :)
Cool idea, but the “matches” I’m getting are not very good. My contributions are mostly related to JavaScript, but all the jobs I’m getting are for Django and Ruby on Rails positions.
@vandanic I will check it out later. Thank you for your suggestion.
@vandanic It should work now. Please try again, these time would be much better :D
Cool idea.
@candycemadsen Thank you and have a nice day
Is this discontinued?