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#2 Product of the DayJuly 07, 2015
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Really disappointed to find that my password was emailed to me in plaintext after signing up. I strongly recommend encrypting sensitive data like that
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@josephstein Agree, this is a no-no. Overall a cool tool, but this type of oversight makes me wonder about other security issues with my data, especially if I am going to pay for something w/ a credit card.
@josephstein that doesn't mean they do not store the passwords encrypted in the DB.
@deambulando @josephstein If it is encrypted then the key is stored in the db too which is a no-no as well. Just as bad
@josephstein how do you know that? can be easily in a config file....I have nothing to do with them but you are making assumptions without knowledge, or I am wrong? If so then sorry ;)
@deambulando @josephstein If a site can tell what your password is after you gave it to them, then it's possible to find out what the password is (hackers, disgruntled employees, etc). Plus it's sent via email which is typically not encrypted. They should be using a one-way salted hash at least.
@prattarazzi @kwdinc Thanks Eddie! We are going to add integration with linkedin feature soon.Additionally importing resume information from word or pdf files also will be possible :)
@mammademin Awesome! Great news.
@mammademin Please add LinkedIn! The though of typing all this info again made me close the tab.
Create an original and extraordinary CV. After making your unique CV you can export it as a high quality PDF print out, no extra steps necessary.Your CV is not just a PDF page, but your own personal resume website to share with your employers, partners or whoever you want. After making and publishing your resume, you can make your resume private or public. Include your certificates, diplomas and qualifications with your CV, making it easy to check all your info in one place.
@kwdinc Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing. Presentation and design looks lovely and clean. Killer feature for me would be integration with LinkedIn so I don't have to maintain multiple sets of data. LinkedIn have a fairly well-hidden feature for output to PDF on your profile page—I challenge you to find it. But output is something I wouldn't want to share. Let's face it, presentation does matter and JobCv seem to have nailed that. Nice work @mammademin :-)
Great designs. The biggest friction with these tools is the initial time to manually input all the information from existing resumes. Should be able to import information from existing .doc or LinkedIn to save the effort in typing.
@kunalcagarwal Thanks Kunal! Great Point 👍 We are actually working on that feature and hopefully we will add it soon.
During my final year of university, I, like the majority of my peers, was facing the daunting task of job-hunting. A number of my colleagues expressed to me their difficulty in producing an organized and well designed CV. Specializing in design, I decided to work on creating such a CV, and shared it with my peers to get their feedback. The result was overwhelmingly positive, and I was inundated with requests to design customized CVs for each of them. Having seen firsthand the need for JobCV, I have decided to create a platform whereby those without any knowledge of design can create the kind of CV that stands out from the ordinary I'd love to answer anyone's questions about JobCv :)