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Pedro — Co-founder @
Just wanted to drop a small update on Since we first launched our platform, back in March 2014, this is what we've learned:

1- Initially, we launched our platform as a referral-based (only) marketplace for tech jobs. Basically, it worked one-way. People referred someone, that person applied, if that person got hired, the referrer got rewarded. It was simple yet insufficient.

2- We soon realised this was very counter-productive process and clearly not enough. So, we implemented the “apply now” option and gave the referral a different meaning and... This was a key moment!

3- Instead of handling referrals as a talent-spotting function only, we gave them a trust factor. So, when someone applied for a job offer, he/she had to identify 1-3 people they trusted and that could refer them.

4- We kept the “old way” functionality which still got some traction but clearly the “apply now” started building up.

5- Allowing people to apply with referrals allowed us to supply our employers with quality applications only. It worked as if the referrals were kind of a natural filter. We actually tested several regular job boards and the results were daunting: the amount of “crappy” applications we got was just disturbing.

6- This is how Talkdesk hired roughly 30% of their tech team through or how found a couple of great UX specialists and relocated them to Amsterdam.

7- Our own communication is shifting from a referrer-oriented to candidate-oriented one. We just realised that referrers didn’t have a pain and candidate’s were actually clueless when making career decisions.

8- Our product roadmap is directed towards building a platform that tech candidates feel they love to be a part of. We’re not focusing on employers (even though they’re the ones paying the bills) or referrers (even though they play an important role during the hiring process).

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Kartik Mandaville — Founder - SpringRole
@pcbo Very interesting. So what happens to candidate who don't have any referrers?
Pedro — Co-founder @
@kar2905 @pcbo every single application is verified - to keep quality standards :)
Diogo Teles — Product Lead
I've earned some money while fixing up an amazing job for a friend of mine using Jobbox, i think they deserve attention and love and for that nothing better than Product Hunt.
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