Sourcing techies through referrals

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@pcbo · Co-founder @ Landing.jobs
Just wanted to drop a small update on JOBBOX.io. Since we first launched our platform, back in March 2014, this is what we've learned: 1- Initially, we launched our platform as a referral-based (only) marketplace for tech jobs. Basically, it worked one-way. People referred someone, that person applied, if that person got hired, the referrer got rewarded. It… See more
Diogo Teles
@diogocteles · Product Lead
I've earned some money while fixing up an amazing job for a friend of mine using Jobbox, i think they deserve attention and love and for that nothing better than Product Hunt.
@jongold · AI design tools
This is really interesting. When brainstorming revenue models for Hire My Friend we spent a lot of time thinking about referral fees - I really wanted to disrupt the recruitment industry and give the fat cheques that asshole recruiters get back to the candidates & their friends. Something that people pointed out before we ever implemented it was that we… See more
André Oliveira
Definitely a tool worth-trying. Recruiting on a Startup can be like being on hell - and I'm on hell right now, so I really might request Jobbox help to help me find the right guy. Portuguese startups will conquer the world. Get ready! :)
Jaime Jorge
@jaimefjorge · CEO Founder of @Codacy
I know these guys personally and I really like their product. It's proving really useful too. My experience with it was also pretty smooth, so this is something to bear in mind next time you're hiring talent. Great people from Portugal too!