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#5 Product of the DayDecember 23, 2018

JobBoardKit is a new cloud platform out of the UK to launch your job board.

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How is this better than jobboardfire?
@danirogerc Maker of Job Board Fire here, I don't really have anything to add, I just wanted to say how happy it makes me to see someone mentioning Job Board Fire in the wild like this ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
@danirogerc Job Board Fire is a great site by a great founder :) There were 2 main sites I was competing with when building this project which are and Both of which are much more expensive than JobBoardKit and JobBoardFire so I wish Suren (@webdevsuren ) continued success with JBF and commend him on making the Job Board Software space more competitive alongside the team here at JobBoardKit ๐Ÿ™
Just wondering, how is this better than a theme or several plugins available off of codecanyon
@allwynpfr There are indeed plugins available to add to your own Wordpress site etc but I tried to use them for my own projects in the past and found them limited in their features so that's part of the reason for building JobBoardKit. Thanks for your question
Do you have option to export the data if someone wants to move off the platform?
@vthallam At the moment this can be done via a request to the support desk ( but it's a feature we will look to add by the end of Jan 2019. Thanks for your question
Congrats @jamesfall_ceo on the easy signup process. I can see how Jobboardkit can work with RefNow. I highly recommend building a common integration with Zapier ( to address the data im/export needs for recruiters/hiring managers and helps you focus more on core product. All the best!
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