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There are hundreds of niche and specific job boards out there. JobBoard.Best is a service that searches and finds the best job boards (and other resources) to find candidates for a job opening.
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Hey Product Hunt! πŸ’« Today I'm launching JobBoard.Best. It's a service to help you find the ideal place to post your job openings. πŸ” There are tons of niche and specific job boards available and it's difficult to know where to post a job opening to find the best candidates. πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ For your specific role, I spend hours finding the best job boards or other resources. Job boards can be specific to industry (Cryptocurrency), job type (Marketing), company culture (Remote), or another topic altogether. I'm offering the search for half off ($49) for today only-just for you! I hope you like it and thanks for checking it out! πŸ€™
Michael Novotny
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Finding a niche job board is time consuming. And there may be job boards that you don't even know about. This makes sense to provide a service like this. Nice job on keeping it simple and straight to the point. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves because the job board/recruiting space is riddled with poor experiences.
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