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Jobber helps pros like plumbers, landscapers and painters to organize their entire operations, from scheduling jobs & managing crews to invoicing & collecting payments. Accessible anywhere, it’s the ultimate command center for any small home service business.
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Thanks for posting, @mijustin! Sam Pillar here, I'm the CEO & Co-founder of Jobber 👋 Do you know what happens when you operate a growing company using pen and paper? - Inefficiencies 🤔 - Errors ❌ - Duplicate entries 👯‍♀️ - Missed payments 💸 - Angry clients 🤬 And yet, the majority of small business owners still rely on pen-and-paper to operate their business! In the home service space, this is even more common. That’s why we created Jobber. Unlike manual processes and single feature apps, Jobber’s platform streamlines and automates daily operations, replacing duplicate entry and repetitive tasks with tailored automation. The result is a more organized business, impressed customers, and a flourishing business. Our platform has been around since 2011, but today we launched a new set of features that will help businesses grow to the next level 🚀 New features include: - Online booking that allows customers to fill their calendars with new work while giving them complete control over their schedules - Quote follow-ups that help customers win more work faster by sending automatic follow-ups to clients about quotes they haven't heard back on via text or email - Mailchimp Integration, so customers don’t need to hire a pricey marketing agency to create marketing emails, targeted social media ad campaigns, postcards, landing pages, and more - Zapier Integration that will save customers time by eliminating day-to-day busywork, allowing them to focus less on admin tasks and more time on growing their business Learn more about all of Jobber’s features here: Questions? Comment below and I’ll respond ⬇️
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It's nice to see the team at Jobber continue to innovate! I've been familiar with them since their start in Edmonton. This latest version is looking 👍
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This is starting to become the Shopify for small home services businesses — one-stop shop for everything you'd need. Killer stuff, team 🚀
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@trevorsookraj Solid comparison. Thanks for the support.
Awesome! Exciting to see the product evolving!
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@danno ABS (Always Be Shipping). Thanks for your support, @danno!
Congrats on the new launch, Sam and team!
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@happygezim We appreciate the support!