Discover dream companies the same way you discover music. 💡

Jobalaya is an exploration-oriented job search platform that lets top talent discover smaller tech companies with preference tags & user-built lists.


  • Pros: 

    Their service is easy to use and has some pretty great talent. I've not yet hired through jobalaya but I don't think it would be too hard


    There isn't that many candidates yet, waiting for it to be a bit more mature as it grows.

    I've been hiring around the world and also in Taiwan, Taipei. There aren't many job platform that helps us connect with people who are really looking for something beyond a better paycheck.

    Jesse Sum has used this product for one week.
  • Kuan-Wu LiniOS developer, Garmin

    When I try to explore what opportunities I can fit, it's very useful for me. Easy and simple!


    Should support more countries

    I never expect there are many opportunities. Usually we start from big companies, but you will miss dream jobs if you don't have chance to view them. Jobalaya gives us the chance to explore the jobs more than we expect.

    Kuan-Wu Lin has used this product for one week.


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Ellie ChangMaker@ellie_chang · Founder & CEO, Jobalaya
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 We are super excited to introduce Jobalaya to you all. We all love discovering new music using Moods and playlists on Spotify. So our team thought, why can't we do the same for job search? 💡 Most job search tools in the market are built around targeted search. This means you can find specific companies or jobs very quickly. But if you want to discover new companies that you'll love based on softer, non-conventional criteria such as company missions, cultures, work environments, or leadership, these search-oriented job sites usually cripple you. This is the gap Jobalaya wants to fill in. Here are some of the features available on Jobalaya: 🏷️ Use preference tags to discover and filter companies, e.g. “pet-friendly”, “social good”, or “female leadership” 📃 Browse user-built lists to see which companies are popular among other job seekers 💖 Collect your favorite companies so they know you're interested in them 👍 Provide reference checks upfront so recruiters take the feedback from your advocates into consideration Read about why we started Jobalaya ***** For employers - Our focus on exploration makes Jobalaya a great place for smaller tech firms to gain visibility among the Apples, Facebooks, and Ubers of the tech world! 👀 You can even access passive candidates who've shown interests in you, which is a dream come true for us small giants! Jobalaya is free to use at the moment, but we're planning to launch a paid version in the coming months. Make sure you get $25 free credits now by signing up using this special link! ***** My team and I are here to answer any question you may have, and we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Thanks!
Joshua Tab.@satwaya · Student, crafting Walk
@ellie_chang Congrats for launching! 🍾
Ellie ChangMaker@ellie_chang · Founder & CEO, Jobalaya
@satwaya Thanks Joshua! 💪 We're pretty excited. Would love to hear what you think about Jobalaya from a student's perspective. 🙂
Evelyn Yu@evelynyu · Product Manager Intern
@ellie_chang I wish Jobalaya were there during my first year of MBA!
Ellie ChangMaker@ellie_chang · Founder & CEO, Jobalaya
@evelynyu I feel you! It's here now, hope it helps you land your dream job! 🙂
Keegan Huang@keegan_huang · Founder, H3O - AI sales reps
@ellie_chang Congrats & looking forward to expand the team with Jobalaya's help!
Evelyn Yu@evelynyu · Product Manager Intern
As an international student who wants to switch her career into tech in the state, I struggled a lot when seeking opportunities because I didn't know what tech firms existed -- didn't know what to type into the search bar after browsing all the big-name companies. I like how Jobalaya applies the concept of "exploring music" on job seeking. Even though I am not actively searching for jobs now, I still enjoyed browsing all the cool companies on the website. Good job and congratulation for the launch! @ellie_chang @nowonderg @mmarissahuang
Marissa HuangMaker@mmarissahuang · Developer @
Thanks @evelynyu! We think small awesome tech companies deserve much more exposure. Glad it helps!
Anna Martirosyan@anna_martirosyan · -dog lover
Congrats on the launch! It seems interesting and well executed!
Michael Chen@michaelkcchen
Hi Jobalaya team, congrats on rolling out the website!! just sharing my thoughts on the user interface and user experience. hope it helps Pros - 1. the UX visually looks very engaging and interactive 2. comprehensive search segmentation 3. good number of opportunities and companies through the website Cons - 1. perhaps adding an option to show all openings in a list rather than in separate icons, as it's a little more time consuming to browse icons 2. adding another segmentation to search by location might fit the needs of some job seeker 3. For certain companies, although different openings were listed separately on Jobalaya, but they re-direct users to the same company career web page, which is not role specific application page.
Marissa HuangMaker@mmarissahuang · Developer @
Thank you so much for these detailed feedback @michaelkcchen! Good points. The cons you listed are taken into account for our ongoing development. Search and browse should be more flexible which allows users to find exactly what they want, we hear that. We will keep these in mind. 🙂
Adu Wu@adu_wu
This is cool! I love the concept of moods and lists equivalent for job search. Keep it up!
Ellie ChangMaker@ellie_chang · Founder & CEO, Jobalaya
@adu_wu Thanks Adu!