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Luc Dudler
@lucdudler · Founder of @Pal_Chat
Hi everyone! I wrote a Medium post on current trends and opportunities of Machine Intelligence and chat bots in the recruiting space: https://medium.com/@lucdudler/ma... I would love to get your feedback! #‎bots #‎AI #‎machineintelligence #recruiting @alierhantamer @gabriel__lewis @nishant_k_gupta @jindalish @chrismessina @aelxnguyen @ehevich @sarthakgro… See more
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Luc Dudler
@lucdudler · Founder of @Pal_Chat
Hey guys! I hope the East Coast is already awake now… ;) Just wanted to say again that we do this to get feedback! If you have any or questions post it here and I’ll get back to you asap. And we also want to give something back to you… SPECIAL OFFER FOR PRODUCT HUNTERS (& RECRUITERS) Any company signing up today via https://c.mihiro.co/ (our original p… See more
Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
@milann · Connecting people again with Wildcard 🃏
I just applied to Uber in Amsterdam using Facebook Messenger. Oops? What do you think? Is this the future or is it too 'quick' to be taken serious? Basically, do you want to apply for jobs within a (private) chat channel
Chris Messina
@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Hey @lucdudler, nice work! What was your inspiration, and what do you think is good/bad about using messaging for the job hunt and application process? And what do you think about @esthercrawford's Estherbot? Could Job Pal talk to Estherbot and get her a job without her needing to take any action? :)
Daniel Ehevich
@ehevich · Sr. Director of Sales, Taptica
Trying it out, my first messenger bot experience, I feel like a virgin that has been botted for the very first time!
Ali Erhan Tamer
@alierhantamer · Co-Founder Botudio & MOWE
very very cool and greaf experience. i personally tried and get really good result