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JobHound is an application management system - a tool for managing your job applications. When you're trying to get a good tech job, you're juggling not one application, not ten applications but often 20 or more. Job Hound keeps track of where you are in the process and manages cover letters, notes, dates and more. And its free.

Aaron Rothschild
Abhas Bhattacharya
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    It looks like a really well thought out product, learned from practical experience. Very insightful product development.


    Hard to export data and keep it offline

    I thought that it might be just a fancy spreadsheet app for tracking all the steps and links and documents. But the demo video really proved me wrong. It has a lot of goodies built into it which you just might not have when tracking it on a sheet - like the vertical split between cover letter and job descript, instant relevant not-too-cheesy questions for the interviewer. All I can say is that I am impressed by how much thought went into it, for something which is going to be free for all - and probably built during the job search months.

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