Job Grader by Drafted

Compare your job description against a dataset of over 5,000

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Hey everyone - I'm the CEO of Drafted, the tiny team behind Job Grader in Boston, and excited to be on Product Hunt today! We see this as a fun starting point for everyone to think about writing better job descriptions. We'd love to hear suggestions of more analyses that you'd like to see, and other improvements that would be helpful. Thanks!
@pseudovirtual congrats! Just wrote a new job description for Drift last night and plugged it in here. Good stuff. What do you think the future of this is for you guys?
@davegerhardt we definitely want to give more actionable insights on existing metrics - e.g showing you all the buzzwords in your post. We're also hoping to find hidden correlations to help uncover tricks to optimize job postings. Our goal at Drafted is to make tools that help employers hire and help the community around them have a better experience. Being able to measure the effectiveness of job descriptions is a first step toward that.
@pseudovirtual I just sent this to our entire team! We live and breath JDs - so this is a really slick and fun tool. Nice work!!!
@nzieber That's awesome :) -- eager to hear suggestions from your team when you get them. You can DM me on twitter :)
@pseudovirtual Just tested it on our job descriptions at Sqreen and It seems we have a super low buzzword score. I suggest adding a "no bullshit score" when buzzords < 5 ;-) Plugin would be great !
Very handy!
Love this concept. There's been a lot around this issue lately that people write job descriptions that unconsciously weed out applicants like women and minorities. Plus there's so much time, money, and effort spent on where you post, but not nearly enough around what you post. This will remind people of Hubspot's website grader, which is a good thing.
@sarahadowney Thanks Sarah! Hoping to add more cool metrics soon :)
Nice visuals, very useful
Love the analysis of potential bias in the language of the job description.
@mvolpe Thanks Mike! We're hoping to improve this over time, by incorporating more data sources and results from more studies around other kinds of bias, too.