Job Genie

A low pressure way to explore potential career paths

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I think this is a great first step in terms of getting people to realize that job search is something they should always be doing e.g. we should always be passively searching for our next opportunity. I love the idea behind this because it seems to do two things: allow you to do some introspection ("What do I want in a job/career?") while also giving you suggestions on what to look for (thereby solving the problem of ensuring that you're constantly looking out for your career and your own personal growth). Would love to hear more from the creators!
@rajamatage Agreed.!We recently released a free career app called Real Talk ( where we profile people who have the jobs you want. I'd love to hear more from the makers Job Genie. Maybe @jkolko might be able to get them to join the conversation.
Very useful app for students or people exploring new career options from Blackboard's Labs team.
Some of the best animations I've ever seen on the web. Fantastic work.
This website is amazing! Wowzers.. great concept, great implementation! When I opened I though it would be just some funny basic suggestions, but then I see this personal stories/mini interviews with real people that are practising that job! Such a good animations and so well designed... impressive!
I think I've actually utilized what this amazing website wanted users to: find a career suitable to their innate talents and interests. high five to the makers of Job Genie!