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Hi, Andre from JobBot here. @thejobmarley thanks for submission. We planed to do it soon after release of the new version. @abdussamit We are currently working on new features for candidates and recruiters as well. The bot is going to be much more smarter and funnier ;) For the moment more than 100K messenger users tried out our bot and almost 50% of them subscribed for job updates. The plans are big :)
@andre_z @thejobmarley Yep, I forgot to mention at the end that I liked what you were doing ;) I would like to discuss this with you further so if you could pass out an e-mail ID or DM on Twitter, would be great :)
Adding to my Hack Your Job Search Collection
I had and have a similar idea in mind, but it's for recruiters to use. Also I was concerned about it's target audience, would professional recruiters really want to use a bot to hire someone @andre? But this is the other way round, it gives professionals the chance to find a job for themselves.
Love it! FYI when I first try to chat, it says user name was not found couple of times
@rick_chen1 Thanks for trying out JobBot. Would be awesome if you send us a screenshot of this bug to πŸ™Œ
How will the bot predict/understand the cultural fit the candidate aims for? Good product!
@joselfgaray The current version finds jobs based on skills and location. The upcoming version offers more granurality for companies looking to reach out to candidates. There are palns to tackle culture/candidate-quality issue in the near future.