Job board Fire 2.0

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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2020
Job Board Fire is job board software made fast, simple, and affordable. You can create your own job board website in just a few minutes.
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Hey makers, I'm very excited to present you with Job Board Fire 2.0! Since our initial launch Job Board Fire has been updated to include: - Employer accounts, an employer dashboard, and employer managed job posts. - Backfilling by Ziprecruiter to display jobs from their network on your job board's search results. - Job Alerts to notify subscribed candidates of new job posts matching their criteria And a ton of other smaller features. Job Board Fire is still being improved on every day, but I felt enough has been added to warrant a re-introduction to the ProductHunt community. I can only hope for Job Board Fire to be received as warmly as it was during the initial launch.
@webdevsuren love the idea! I think it would be great if you linked to a demo job board, this way I can see how everything looks before I start messing around with creating an account. Also, do you allow users to plugin their own Ziprecruiter API token?
@nickfrancioso Hey Nick, I'm going to be adding case studies to the website soon. At the moment there isn't a way for users to plugin their own Ziprecruiter token because none has asked to do that yet. If you have one I can make the custom change for you :)
hello @webdevsuren i also think its on the highside.. 1. What integrations does it come with now? zapier,mail chimp,integromat 2. What is it built on? 3. Whats on the road map? 4. Examples of sites built on Job board Fire 2.0? I'm upvoting anyway cos I love your product will be building a job board however the price (due to the exchange rate in my country)
Great idea! Would be great to let users set their job app for free and charge when they publish it. Pay when you go live or something.
@bekzat Hey Bekzat, we have a 14 day free trial which is intended for exactly that. You get to create your job board and see how it looks, possibly even launch it, and then you can subscribe to keep it live after the 14 days.
I remember testing out v1.0 and liking it. $97/month at first glance seems quite meaty. Is there a lite version?
@joe_thomsett Hey Joe, glad to hear you liked version one. I understand $97 is not a small amount of money, but I think Job Board Fire is the lowest priced competitive job board solution on the market at the moment. Other solutions have limited plans starting at $180-$250 per month, and we have an unlimited plan at $97 per month. The truth is the price of Job Board Fire is only going to increase to catch up to the competition as I add more features. (Of course the pricing won't change for existing subscribers.)
Great Tool! Can you provide the Chinese version?