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Job Board Fire helps content creators and entrepreneurs monetize their audience by creating a job board.

You can have your own branded job board, ready to generate revenue in minutes.

Our goal is to help content creators monetize their audience with a job board they control, so they are no longer beholden to sponsors for revenue.

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Looks good! I'm not sure I understand the pricing model though. Could you please explain it?
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks! Anybody can create a job board website with their branding and custom domain name, for free, forever. If they choose to start charging companies money to post jobs, Job Board Fire keeps 10% of the sale. Is that clearer? I've been struggling with simplifying it for the landing page. I guess I've done a terrible job, because others have been asking me what my pricing model is as well πŸ˜•. On another note... what's a guy gotta do to get their app on I think it's a pretty good fit...
@webdevsuren Yeah that's clearer. I'd suggest outlining that sentence on your landing page. "If you charge for job posts on your board, 10% of that sale goes to JBF" it's on there πŸ˜‰
@bentossell Thanks! Just updated the pricing section text, by popular demand. By the way I'm definitely a future user. Awesome collection there.
@webdevsuren For me it doesn't make sense. How will you know if they make a sale or not? Anyway, Congrats on the launch. I really think that HR is a good industry. A lot of potential clients on LinkedIn EDIT: Understood now
@ivandrag No worries, a lot of people have that question. I think the wording on my landing page is not clear enough. Mind sharing what part was confusing / what helped you understand how it works?
@bentossell Another tool for no-code?
@aaronoleary yeah! when I understand the pricing πŸ˜‰
@aaronoleary @bentossell Thanks for helping him out man. Just got off the phone with him as he's local in LA to me. Super smart kid and this site is a great start. There are ton of ways to monetize this I think.
Cool idea! Can you embed the job boards on to your own website?
@aaronoleary Thanks! Well, nothing is stopping you from putting it in an iframe, or pointing to it, but there is no cleaner way of embedding it at the moment. Will put it on my ever growing list of things to add though (:
@webdevsuren "ever growing list" that's the sign of dedication, congrats on the launch!! πŸŽ‰
@aaronoleary Thank you! I'm so anxious to see how people receive it after so much time spent creating it. My last project that I launched was tiny compared to this...
@webdevsuren i'm sure it will do great, I have faith! πŸ™Œ
Hey Product Hunt people! I'm so excited to finally share Job Board Fire with you. I've been working on this project for a while, and I can't wait to see how everyone reacts to it. Job Board Fire is still a baby and has so much functionality to grow into, but I think I have created a very solid version 1.0 that will be useful for creators. I'm here to answer any questions, and take any feedback you may have.
Looks great! Also it's cool that you only charge a % of what people make, great initiative πŸ‘
@c10v32c1u6 Thank you! My favorite part is that it will allow people without a huge audience to create a job board and spend months growing it without having to worry about any payments.