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Oh btw, we're throwing a 'host your own happy hour' event right now and the free pizza is on us: http://bit.ly/jiverhappyhour Come on and claim your pizza... yes... the ones that your engineers will love... with cheese...
Many other similar products. How are you different?
@ilankasan Hi ilan! I'm the maker of JIVER. We're different in few but important ways: 1) we provide channel-based chat rooms where you can host tens of thousands of users in a single chat channel within your app (so that you can create apps like Twitch.tv) 2) we provide platforms like Unity 3D to make it easier for game developers 3) we provide profanity filters and we have a very interesting feature coming out soon that will make us clearly different from all the other players out in the market today.
Hi guys, let me know if you have any questions.
@doshkim I didn't even realize this was posted 3 months ago, when we were still working on it. Is there a way to 'refresh' this? :)