Jira Service Desk for Slack

Improve SLAs and deflect tickets with Slack enabled support

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Your organization spends all of their time in Slack. With Obie, your customers no longer have to get support outside of Slack and you can streamline your IT process with your new AI agent. Currently compatible with Jira Service Desk.
  • Sarosha
    SaroshaCo-founder, Aiva Labs

    Efficient and improves customer success, how can one not love it? :)


    Can't think of any - the product keeps getting better & better!

    Customers ask, Team Obie listens (and builds). Cheers to everything you've accomplished - excited for future updates!

    Sarosha has used this product for one year.
  • Dan Priljeva
    Dan PriljevaFinTech, etc.

    1. Unified client experience. 2. Instantly synced updates with service desk. 3. Notifications in Slack are great.


    I'm stumped. Can't think of anything right now. Great job so far.

    Fantastic addition to Obie's functionality. Keep up the great work.

    Dan Priljeva has used this product for one week.
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Chris Buttenham
Chris ButtenhamMaker@chrisbuttenham · Founder & CEO - Obie.ai
Hey Product Hunt! 😁 Chris here from Obie.ai - the fastest way to access team knowledge at work. Today, I'm super excited to announce something brand new that we've been working on for over 6 months: Jira Service Desk for Slack. Over the last few years that we've been building Obie, we've seen thousands of teams use our product for different use-cases (some were quite obscure), but the use-case that has stood out to us enough to productize was internal IT support. IT teams and organizations of all sizes already use Obie to make their knowledge and documentation more accessible at work. With this new workflow automation, IT teams can take it one step further than ticket deflection into full-blown ITSM automation. We've been working very close with a few of our customers to get this release in the hands of the general public. Some areas we focused on: - Ticket deflection: bringing Confluence and other documentation into Slack and giving you tools for controlling where that documentation will appear across your workspace. - Self service: allowing internal customers to create a ticket with Obie if he was unable to find any relevant knowledge or documentation to help. We support up to 90% of JSD ticket types in Slack (this was hard)! - Streamlined resolution: we sync all interactions between JSD and Slack in a thread so agents can get what they need from customers to resolve issues faster and customers not only get faster support but heightened visibility for issues across the org. We'd love for you to try it out and tell us what you think!! 🎉 (the 14-day trial is only available for Product Hunt over the next 2 days) Chris Obie.ai
Alex Sopinka
Alex SopinkaMaker@alexsopinka · Coder. Taco Lover. Obie.ai
Hey Product Hunt! This launch has been a long-time coming and I'm personally excited to see it all live! We're at Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas RIGHT NOW! So if you're also there, shoot @chrisbuttenham or myself a message and let's meet up! Things get done much quicker in person so if you have any questions, or want to ask us a question, or get a personal demo, let us know and we're more than happy to whip out our laptops and show off Obie.
Mohamed El Mahallawy
Mohamed El Mahallawy@mmahalwy · 🔑
This is awesome! Congrats y'all! IT support and internal non-product teams tasking is something many companies struggle with. Excited to see this in action!
Chris Buttenham
Chris ButtenhamMaker@chrisbuttenham · Founder & CEO - Obie.ai
@mmahalwy Thanks for the feedback, Mo!