Jira Bot for Slack

A Slack Bot connecting you with your tickets

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This looks great! Does it work on self-hosted JIRA too?
Wow just added it and its amazing. Will make communication so much quicker and easier
Does it work if I don't have Jira admin account?
@bogomep You definitely need to be a Jira Admin based on my experience getting this setup.
@brianjking Yes, but this is a problem for me :) Thanks!
@bogomep @brianjking The self-hosted OS version this is based on doesn't need admin, just an account that has access. ( seeing it's self hosted you could use your own account ;-) ) https://github.com/shaunburdick/...
This is a great plug in . The folks at www.designwizard.com just love it. Jira & Slack are 2 key tools for the development team and this integration makes them play nicer with each other. Well done !