Gym workout app for normal people

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Hi everyone, A couple more details about the app: The app comes with a fixed workout routine which intelligently changes difficulty levels (weights and reps) based on user feedback. You don’t need to choose exercises manually or enter any numbers, simply follow instructions and tap a button to tell the app how it went. We know from personal experience how it feels to use a phone during an intense workout, so we deliberately made the interface very simple and easy to use — huge buttons & no distracting elements. You don’t even need to open the app — our Today widget offers a quick shortcut to main features right on your lock screen. Let us know what you think :)
App gets stuck at end of workout screen with share option. Even force quitting the app didn't resolve. I would rarely or never share a workout. Also, that screen says I lifted 0.0 lbs even though I tapped through many reps.
@jonprice I'm having the same problem now.
@mobotan @jonprice Now in hindsight I understand it's quite confusing & unnecessary, but initially it was designed to go away after 12 hours after your workout.
Hi @rinatkhanov. Could you please add metric units. The app is great, just what I've been looking for!
@mobotan Hey, currenty the app automatically picks units based on your system locale (in Settings, you can choose Region). It'd be cool to add a manual preference for this, I agree.
@rinatkhanov awesome, works like a charm.