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Hi peeps, I've spend the past 2 years developing what I believe to be the future of website-builders and I'm really excited to finally share it with you! :D In general it lets you sync content from the services you use and love, and making it super easy to showcase by simply dragging'n'dropping. You can have multiple pages, consisting of a custom two-dimentional responsive grid, making everything more streamlined and easy to layout. The final product is fully fledged Single Page Application (based on VueJS), with page transitions, deep-linking, shadow-dom rendering, HTML5 routing and a bunch of other nerdy goodness.. put in short: cutting-edge and very performant! When launched, the sites are distributed globally ensuring fast, resilient and reliable performance. The hope is to be the frontend of your business, while you backend or CMS can be whatever fits you, e.g. Facebook for businesses, YouTube for vloggers, Soundcloud for musicians, or even a hybrid of these. I'm still in the early stage, and currently only Facebook and Instagram has deep integration. Oh and if you're in a hurry, then give the auto-generator a try! It will analyse your content and give you a reasonable starting point - though it's still learning ;) Your feedback is very welcome and much appreciated! // Stefan
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Oh, and if you have any questions just let me know! :)
Great product!!!! I am in love with the idea of having a website from my social connections. It's incredible. But if I could add a bit. First, you're operating in crowded market and I personally feel you may want to focus your marketing effort on the message of creating a website through one's social media connections. This will help with brand differentiation . And then for now, you could have members of your team work on a number of sample sites. Secondly, it will be great if you can work on documentation for users, because how easy you may think it is, may not be how your users factor it to be. But Its a has great prospects. Thanks!!
@mou_jb Hi Jibril, thank you so much for your input! You are indeed right thats its a crowded space, and that's why we are trying just be a layer aggregating your content - instead of yet another platform which have to be maintained. Your thoughts regarding sample sites and documentation, are also spot on and will be put on the roadmap straight away! Once again, thanks! πŸ™
Good idea. Quick question - The 3rd website that you put up in the examples (OAK by Nature) has an online shop. Is that also provided by your Jiggy?
@maheshj567 Hi Mahesh, currently there is no e-commerce integration and Oak links to a third-party. But as soon Facebook opens up to their shop catalogue it could easily be integrated! ;) This would cover the need for a lot of basic webshops.
@okydk I agree, it'd definitely cover the need. I asked because I didn't understand from your home page if a shop integration is available, and from the demos, I couldn't figure out what all features on those sites are covered by Jiggy. May be a demo video will be better at achieving this.
@maheshj567 All features are made (and hosted) directly on Jiggy, except the e-commerce bit. :) I will try to state features move obvious and produce a video! Thank you so much for your feedback! πŸ™
@okydk understood... happy to help... :)