Jiffy for N1

Attach GIFs in your emails.

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Great stuff! I'm going to abuse the heck out of this. :)
@evansims Awesome! Glad to hear someone finds it useful. Haha!
Hey, Product Hunt! 👋🏼 Noah, maker of Jiffy here! Have any questions or suggestions for the plugin?
@nhbschr Dude I was thinking about something that might help you make this viral. Imagine if there is "translate to Jiff" where the plugin with try to replace the meaning of the email with a sequence of gifs.
@denull @nhbschr That *would* be pretty dope! Giphy does has some intelligence in it's API, and Slack's plugin uses it "/giphy [emotion/phrase/etc]". Converting a whole email's meaning, though, might be a big challenge. Thinking out loud, but perhaps there is already an API that can check the general emotion of a word, the Jiffy can just pick important words (ignoring stop words) in the email, calculate the most common emotion conveyed, and then submit a Giphy API request to use that... Wondering how accurate such a system would be.
@nhbschr There was an app that was converting text to a composition of youtube videos. Not sure what happened to it, but I remember it wasn't working well as there are many videos on youtube that are just black screens with a text-to-speech audio :D