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#5 Product of the DayApril 30, 2020
Jiffy is a free app that lets you quickly search and discover GIFs from GIPHY. When you have found an awesome GIF, just drag and drop it into an app. You can also favorite GIFs, browse favorites, and set a custom keyboard shortcut. Requires macOS 10.15.4.
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5 Reviews4.0/5
Hey everyone! I made this app as a weekend project. I just wanted a quick way to find and save reaction GIFs. As for technical details. The app is made with SwiftUI, which is why it requires macOS 10.15. It was a fun project, but I encountered (and reported) a ton of SwiftUI and GIPHY API bugs. If there's anything missing or if something could be improved. Let me know. I'm very open to feedback, either here or through the “Send Feedback…” button in the app 🙌
@sindresorhus Do you have any details around the type of bugs you encountered?
How can you beat a product that focuses on Memes :)
This is a great little app. Nice work, Sindre!
First day here, already found a few good tools and this is one of them. Solves the problem of putting Gifs across platforms even where only links are supported.
I love this logo :))