Delivering online shopping 6pm to midnight 🌙(LDN)

Jiffy is an evening and weekend delivery service that allows you to schedule deliveries for when you’re actually home. Have online shopping and parcels from family/friends sent to your Jiffy address and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Hi there PH ✌ Mark from team Jiffy here, I wanted to share some extra info on what we're trying to create. Jiffy is designed around three problems that came up most when speaking with family and friends: 🙀 Being at work when delivery attempts are made. 😺 Jiffy - deliveries 6pm to midnight (7 days a week) with a choice of 30-minute delivery slots. Store parcels for up to 30 days and bundle them together in a single delivery. 🙀 Trouble anticipating when’s best to have something delivered at the time of ordering. 😺 Jiffy - request deliveries to be made with as little as 2 hours of notice and rearrange anytime. 🙀 Difficulty getting help from delivery companies, receiving impersonal and inflexible service. 😺 Jiffy - dedicated Delivery Assistant to message for help and to schedule/rearrange deliveries. We’re grateful to receive all flavours of feedback but are particularly interested to hear any sour delivery experiences that Jiffy doesn’t address with the current offering. I’ll be staying online all day to chat and answer questions and in the meantime please make the most of our PH exclusive discount: 🚀🚀🚀 £10 of FREE delivery credit for all PH users with code: JFPH10 🚀🚀🚀 Thanks, Mark
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which country that this service is available??
@farisannas Hi Faris, Jiffy is running in the UK - London only for now 😀