Stick your face in funny Ecards, popular Music Videos, and dancing GIFs – for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions all year long!

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After a lot of hard work, we're excited to give the PH community a sneak peek of JibJab Messages. The app will be released worldwide this Wednesday, October 1st on the 15 YEAR anniversary of JibJab! From the beginning, the company has had the same mission --> to make people happy. That's what we're trying to do with JibJab Messages. The app will launch on iOS and allows you to quickly express yourself with personalized, entertaining content for everyday conversations happening over text, Twitter and Facebook. You can personalize GIFs and Stickers by adding your face (or a friend's), text, and filters. While GIF-centric now, new formats are coming. We hope you'll be one of the first to try it out and that you'll let us know what you think (we hope you like it :))! (open the above link in Safari on your iPhone)
@bracco congrats on the launch! can you tell us a bit more about JibJab - what direction were you focused on beforehand and what made you go this route? what can we expect in the future from you guys?
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik! Yeah so JibJab has grown quite a bit over the 2.5 years I've been here. The company is now broken down into 4 teams/brands: 1. (eCard business) 2. JibJab Messages (this product) 3. (children brand, primarily app based, for kids ages 2-6) 4. Hello Santa (acquired earlier this year, kids video calls with Santa) For JibJab Messages specifically, the idea was to evolve with how people are communicating. Originally JibJab started with political satire videos (relevant once every 4 years), then Year in Review videos (relevant once a year) and then eCards (relevant 3-4 times a year). With JibJab Messages the goal is to be relevant everyday. We want people to think of the app when they want to add funny into their conversations.
I have very fond memories of creating JibJab videos on the web with friends (particularly the Chippendales video... many lol's). @bracco forwarded me this delightful Glasshole Kitty Ranger: @bracco - I've been playing with JibJab Messages for the past week. I particularly like the onboarding flow, immediately guiding users to create. What are you planning to add to the app post-launch?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! So we're working on a bunch of fun stuff. The biggest are new content types beyond GIFs and stickers as well as deeper integration with other messaging apps so users can share faster/easier.
Also, we're hiring a mobile dev for this project. We're based in Venice, CA a couple blocks from the beach -->
The app is tons of fun! Congrats @bracco
@miradu Thanks Michael! and we love that Twitter integration ;). The team will be up at Flight so maybe I'll see you there!
@sarahbuhr Great to hear! :) Got your email btw, will respond shortly.