Amazon search on steroids. Advanced search & sort options.

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What a great idea, are you using affiliate links to generate revenue?
@ryanmtaylor That looks to be the case. From the Jeviz FAQ: How do you monetize this site? When you search, we add our associate tag to URL so Amazon knows search is come from and if you buy anything, Amazon will pay us a commission. Your buy price does not change but Amazon will give us a small portion of it.
I really like the idea of this, but one thing I've always wanted which also isnt available here, is to be able to filter by average customer review and number of customer reviews. The big flaw in Amazon's UI is that many of the highly rated products are only rated by a small number. I want to see the products that are highly rated by a large number of people. Is this something you will implement?
@damianrees In general there needs to be more thought put into what is truly "popular"... in my mind it is something that considers the number of reviews, the total reviews for the category, the rating average for the category and the rating of the item itself. It would be cool if this also monitored the change over time and considered that delta as well.
@damianrees you can do it with Choose "Most Reviews" from sort options than choose Average Customer review. Amazon hides "Most Reviews" option but with jeviz you can do it.
@tarungangwani @damianrees Good points. Currently I direct to Amazon so it is not possible but with Amazon API it might be possible problem is Amazon restricts its API usage for review it only returns iframe so it is not easy to do it.