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Almost two years in the making, we're excited to share the news that today we're launching Jetty in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, New Jersey and Florida. (And how often do we get excited? Almost never.) Starting now, you can sign up for Renters and Condo/Co-op insurance (PA, IL and GA only) from the world's first insurance company built for the city. Our plans are tailor-made for whatever city life throws at you and include features you won't find at any other insurance company. Like extra Airbnb host protection. And coverage for bedbugs. (Yes, really.) Then there's Jetty Passport, a combo of revolutionary renters services to help you get into the apartment of your dreams without all the hassle. Not a fan of security deposits? Neither are we, which is why we got rid of them with Passport Deposit. And if you need a guarantor, don't call in a favor—call us instead and we'll co-sign your lease with Passport Lease. Just like a rich uncle would. All this and more await you at and, while you're there, if you get bored of insurance, peep our blog full of musings on city life instead. Get Ready to Jetty, Michael Rudoy & Luke Cohler — Jetty Co-Founders
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@michael_rudoy Great work Mike+Luke! :-D
@gbattle thanks Gbattle!
Congrats Mike! Hell yeah! Come to NYC!
@nichpanama thanks Nick! so so soon
I love this approach to insurance -- you've built a great, straightforward, easy-to-understand product in a zone that is usually quite murky. Kudos. Even more, I love a great startup launch marketing campaign, and yours is A+. The site is super well constructed, the language & navigation is clear, the video crisp, the social accounts useful, and the voice & tone of everything appealing & suitable.
Been following Jetty since the beginning! Congrats on the launch Mike + team, looks solid. Can't wait for it to launch in NYC.
I'm a sucker for awesome design. Awesome job guys! Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr Thank you Deandre! We are too :)