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#5 Product of the DayNovember 10, 2015
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This solves a huge problem for me. Intuit clearly has no interest in updating Mint as it keeps getting slower and something is broken every time I login. I'm glad someone wants to innovate again in this space and build tools like this for mobile.
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@kftaylor agreed. Gave up after constantly needing to re-sync accounts.
The landing page doesn't give me enough detail/explanation as to what value this is creating that I don't already have. I saw Sweep on Product Hunt a couple of days ago and just based on comparing the two landing pages, Sweep is more convincing to me as something to try.
@jkent2910 Hey Julie, we think the landing page follows the overall theme of the product—it's designed to be pretty minimal and lightweight. Our goal is to build something that only surfaces useful information, and doesn't make you put in a lot of work to understand where your money is going. It's totally possible you already use tools that do a lot of what Jetty does right now, but if you want to understand your spending at a glance and stay on top of it without getting badgered by alerts, we think Jetty is the best solution, and hope you'll download and enjoy using it!
@patrickmandia Thanks for the reply. :) I currently don't use an app strictly for spending analysis, so maybe I'm not your target demographic because I don't see it as a huge problem for me right now. But, I was just noting that I'm not sure if your landing page really describes your value proposition is. I think you could keep it simple/lightweight but add a little bit more. Just my opinion of course. I wasn't persuaded to use Sweep, either, but comparing the two, I would be more likely to try using that first based off of the landing pages alone.
@jkent2910 that's valid, thanks for your feedback! Once we get past the launch day madness we'll take another shot at the website.
@patrickmandia @jkent2910 I'm inclined to agree here -- was hoping to see a little more on the landing page! I manage my finances in an excel spreadsheet. Also not a Mint kinda gal.
Jetty is a lightweight tool for helping me get a grasp on my finances. I like that it breaks down my spending by category, day and week (not just all time) and allows me to compare it with how I spent in previous months. In that way, I feel like it does a far better job of letting me know how I'm spending my money than Mint in a way that just makes sense. Plus, it's really pretty.
@ilikevests looks like you spend a lot on haircuts...
@ilikevests Thanks Kevin! Our goal building Jetty is to create a simple yet intelligent solution for staying on top of your money. We think a lot of the tools out there try to do to much while also requiring a lot of work from the users, so Jetty tries to take the opposite approach and handle all the hard work for you. In the future we'll be adding estimates of predicted spending and future account balances, so in addition to getting a clear picture of their current habits, users will be able to see how they're impacting their financial futures and hopefully make better decisions with their money! Let us know what you guys think! We'll be hanging out here all day.
Super excited to see you guys launch! I used to be a daily Mint user but it required a lot of manually analysis on my end to actually see what I was spending money on, huge fan of how Jetty compares over various time spans over different categories!
I literally was just looking for a finance app. Commence downloading Jetty now! I love the simplicity of Jetty.