Fly in a private jet at the price of first class ✈️

#5 Product of the DayMarch 17, 2018

Jetter is an aggregator of all private empty leg flights available on the market.

Private jet empty leg flights are pre-scheduled private flights that would otherwise be empty. They are usually available for up to 75% off the original price.

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Hello PH, I'm Giulia, founder of Jetter. Jetter is an early stage aggregator of private empty leg flights. These are flights on private jets that would otherwise fly empty and are sold at a fraction of the original price, making it the same price or less of a first class ticket. When flying business or first class the flight experience is amazing, but the pre and post are exhausting. Private flights are comparatively a lot more expensive, but empty leg flights can come at more or less the same and the experience is amazing throughout. Empty leg flights are available on the market but not very accessible to the public. We bring them together in one place and connect you to the right broker/provider for the booking. Would love to get some feedback and happy to answer any questions!
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You say that it’s the same price as a first class ticket, but I’m looking at your prices and they are much much more expensive. Can you explain?
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@15greenberg The prices we show are for the entire plane, which can fit between 4 and 16 people. The same number of first class tickets would be about the same price.
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@15greenberg @b_giulia_ Yeah, that makes sense, but isn't entirely clear on the site.
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@ryan_d_matzner thanks for the feedback, will definitely try to make that clearer! :)
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£39,000 from Los Angeles to New York. Bargain.
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Super cool idea. For a moment, was shocked to see the price but then read your comment and realized it's for the entire plane.
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@b_giulia_ this is cool 💸 Where do you get the data from? 🤔
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@b_giulia_ @amrith Wondering about the same thing. Are you teaming up with a specific private jet provider?
@amrith @_sergeh Data is widely available. We are not partnered with brokers or providers, we are consumer focused.
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@amrith @b_giulia_ Out of interest, where is this data available?
@amrith @b_giulia_ @_sergeh With a bit of creativity you can even track flights that are hidden pretty well. I made this tool with a buddy few months ago: Most planes are owned by funny-name companies.