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The fastest way to copy your hashtags for Instagram

Jetpack is the fastest way to manage and copy hashtags for Instagram. It allows Instagrammers to copy a perfectly formatted set of hashtags to their clipboard with one tap instead of fiddling with iOS' clumsy tap-hold-select-drag-copy gestures. Jetpack aims to replace the scrappy Notes nearly every Instagrammer today uses to manage their hashtags.

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Hashtagging is one of the most tedious but most impactful routines for active Instagrammers. It plays a significant role in content discovery, audience engagement, community contributions, and branded activities. As Instagrammers ourselves, we grew tired of how slow and tedious it was to fiddle with iOS’ tap-hold-select-drag-copy gestures every time we needed to copy sets of hashtags from our Notes app. As it turns out, nearly every Instagrammer silently puts up with some version of this clumsy routine too. We created Jetpack to be a stupidly simple app that prioritizes one thing: speed. Nobody wants to spend more time than they need to copying their hashtags. So we made it possible to do it with one tap. Like all other makers, we have an endless list of ideas on how to make Jetpack more efficient and convenient for Instagrammers everywhere. We’re also incredibly proud to release this first version today and welcome any feedback from this community! Thanks in advance!
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@verneho Def need this on Android. How do I get notified?
@mrahmadawais That's a good point! We'll definitely put a sign up form back up for the future scenario where we can offer an Android version! Thanks for that feedback!
@verneho you’re saving me so much time 🙏🏻 one additional request is support for hashtags that are solely emoji. I noticed that those don’t save when creating a new tag set.
@philtoronto That's a great catch, we'll make sure that gets fixed in an upcoming update! Thanks so much! Would mean a lot if you could drop us a review in the App Store if you're enjoying the app so far! :)
Well needed for Pro instagrammers and social media professionals. Finally something crafted towards the problem 🙌
@tiago_pedras Thanks Tiago! Was an app we made as much for ourselves as for everyone else :) Hope you find it helpful!
I was thinking about making this over the weekend. Glad I don't have to anymore 😏
@peytonhayslette Thank you! So glad you don’t have to too! 😅
Congrats on shipping Jetpack @verneho @darrinhenein 🚀🚀
@robjama Thanks for the support! Couldn't be happier to release Jetpack into the wild!
@verneho @robjama thanks Robleh, exciting times :) Thanks for the support.
This is SO good. I have been beta testing it for the past couple of weeks and it's just a real timesaver when posting. Congrats on shipping, you two!
@flarup So glad to have had you beta testing with us! Even happier to hear it’s saved you time! Thank you for the support! 🙂