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JetPacific is a travel fare aggregator and will find you cheap flights + hotels to over 4,350 cities. We have one of the biggest travel databases with 400+ airlines and up to 1.25 million hotels across the globe.

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What differentiates this from the million other options for finding cheap flights etc?
@golear Good question! The simple answer is our mission is to open peoples eyes to more travel options. As you know many people think travel is expensive and a no-go unless they have a great income! JetPacific is here to say no, you can travel the world, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes there are many travel comparison websites and they do a fantastic job, our goal isn’t to challenge them, it’s solely to focus on getting more people travelling and living their best lives for less. And until then, we will continue to sustain and improve our service to you all. Hope that answers your question, Gabe. 🙂
I created this platform and also tested it in the real world. Safe to say I was able to save just under £300 on my trip to Paphos, Cyprus. Anyone who has also used the platform, your feedback is greatly appreciated. It makes the platform a better place.